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Per user theme selection #7480

tinytownsoftware created

I enabled quick theme change an I was expecting that if a given logged in user changed the theme, the new theme would only be used for their account. What's actually happening is that if a user changes the theme, it's global for all users. Is there a way to make the theme change be localized for only one user?

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    hikalkan created

    Yes, you are right and this is not a good behaviour. I've created an issue for this and we will consider this in next versions. See Actually, this quick theme switch is useful in demos/development and you may disable it for production.

    To switch the theme only for the current user, open the user menu (top right) and select the Visual Settings action.


    This option is only available if you are not admin user (actually, a user with admin role). When a non-admin user changes the theme, it is changed for that particual user.