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Getting a timeout on my dynamic web api requests now #763

acrigney created

Hi Guys, I have had no problems at all so far and love the framework, totally awesome design and the doco is great as well!! Just I added some unrelated code changes and now my dynamic web apis are timing out. I am completely stumped. The application service layers are just not being called from the dynamic web api. I am using Durandal and EF if that helps, I think Durandal is way better than angular for performance with large web apps.

My database connections and data are all ok.

Any help at all would be totally awesome!

Best Regards, Alistair

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team


    Have you checked logs? Also, you can try to change customErrors to "Off" and see network request and response. Thus, you may catch the problem. Also, be sure of your database connection.

    BTW; Durandal is dead, you can check Aurelia (<a class="postlink" href=""></a>) for new project of the same team.

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    acrigney created

    Awesome thanks mate. I just found the problem by turning on breaking when the exceptions are thrown, after the usual plithora of useless exceptinns .net asp mvc creates mine came up that I was missing a config setting so one of my assemblies could not be loaded.

    Wow thats interesting about Durandal, so will you be doing templates for this new framework? I guess you are just using Angular but I am not really a fan.

    Best Regards, Alistair