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Rad Tool not creating lookup modals. 8.2.1 #8569

palmtreefrb created

Asp.Net Core / Angular When I run Rad Tool using templates created using 8.1 project in a new 8.2.1 project the lookup components for NavigationProperties are not created. Did something change in the Rad Tool?

{ "IsRegenerate": true, "MenuPosition": "main", "RelativeNamespace": "Brewery", "EntityName": "Device", "EntityNamePlural": "Devices", "TableName": "AiotDevices", "PrimaryKeyType": "int", "BaseClass": "FullAuditedEntity", "EntityHistory": false, "AutoMigration": false, "UpdateDatabase": false, "CreateUserInterface": true, "CreateViewOnly": true, "CreateExcelExport": true, "PagePermission": { "Host": true, "Tenant": true }, "Properties": [ { "Name": "Mac", "Type": "string", "MaxLength": -1, "MinLength": -1, "Range": { "IsRangeSet": false, "MinimumValue": 0, "MaximumValue": 0 }, "Required": false, "Nullable": false, "Regex": "", "UserInterface": { "AdvancedFilter": true, "List": true, "CreateOrUpdate": true } } ], "NavigationProperties": [ { "Namespace": "Aiotco.Brewery", "ForeignEntityName": "DeviceType", "IdType": "int", "IsNullable": false, "PropertyName": "DeviceTypeId", "DisplayPropertyName": "DeviceTypeName", "DuplicationNumber": 0, "RelationType": "single" } ], "EnumDefinitions": [] }

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    palmtreefrb created

    Any updates?

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    ebenzle created

    Confirmed. I'm running RAD Tool in MVC/Jquery project and having the same issue. A coworker of mine is using the RAD tool on the same project and is not having this issue. Could be something with the environment?

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    musa.demir created
    Support Team

    It is fixed and relased. Can you please check that again?