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is possible enable multitenant and LDAP together ? #891

charlielv created

we have a scenario that we have two plants in the company, the users are in the same company domain, but the data for each plant should be isolated. So we are thinking to use tenant to isolate the data, and also enable to LDAP to make user easier access the system. But from ABP's document, it ask to disable the other while enable either of them. Any suggestion would be appreciate !!

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team

    It can work together, no problem. But current Ldap auth code can not isolate it. You may need to change it's code.

    This is the LdapAuthenticationSource class: <a class="postlink" href=""> ... nSource.cs</a>

    And this is the document you need to understand and change: <a class="postlink" href=""> ... entication</a>