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pierro81 created

Hello Halil ,

Firstly hats off to this great framework , I love the work you have accomplished. I decided to use your framework for my startup . I hope to participate in its development in the future. I want to use the MongoDB database. The problem is that for sharding it needs the type ObjectId for PK ( mappable with a string in c#) . I want to use the following features: Permissions, Multitenants , Features , Editions, authorization, etc. but the problem is that you have defined: the int ? type for TenantID long? type for the users of pk

for example in IAbpSession interface

Have you any idea how to use mongodb with all of abp framework features now?

In the future do you envisage to adapt the framework to use a nosql database ?

Thank you.

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team

    Hmmm.. you're right. They are int and null. Is there any possibility that you define your PKs objectid/string as normally. But also add an int/long as extra property and maintain it yourself?