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Bounded Contexts #942

ericgrover created

The templates make it difficult to create bounded contexts within my solution. I would like to be able to create separate solution folders and have application, core, and entity framework projects for each bounded context, but since the default template uses the solution namespace as the default namespace for all of the projects, it requires a great deal of renaming throughout the class files.

Also, the user authentication / authorization and multi-tenant code needs to be refactored out into a Kernal assembly so that the core and application projects can be just focused on their bounded context.

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team


    I undersood your point. But, if we make template like that, it become complicated for most people which they mostly do not need for such a structure. On the other hand, if we create multiple template options, it will be hard to maintain for us. So, I think, one should make it himself if he need such a structure. Startup templates just to make faster startup with the framework.

    Have a nice day.