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Best practice to add existing database to zero #9635

bulutyonetim created

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What is best practice to add existing database to zero and be able to use zero's features. In fact I don't have problem with importing DB to code first. I am asking because I want to be able use Zero's features after import. Feature's like Full Audit, SoftDelete, MultiTenancy and etc...

Thank you.

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    zony created
    Support Team

    Hi bulutyonetim, The recommended approach is to write the corresponding Code-First code based on the existing database model.

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    bulutyonetim created

    Hi I didn't get what you mean, can you explain with an example.

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    gterdem created
    Support Team

    Hello @bulutyonetim

    You can scaffold your database to code first and having your domain model as code. Afterwards you need to update your entities manually.

    Lets say you have a Person table and after scaffolding you have a Person entity as follows:

    public class Person {
    public Guid Id {get; set;} public string Name { get; set; } public DateTime CreationTime { get; set; } }

    You need to manually update this entity to benefit features like:

    public class Person : Entity<Guid> { public virtual string Name { get; set; } public virtual DateTime CreationTime { get; set; } }

    For more info, you can check here:

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    bulutyonetim created

    Hi @gterdem

    Thanks for clarification.