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ICreationAuditet with Int32 #97

bvz created

I am trying to use the ICreationAudited interface on the Entities.

The problem I am running into is that the tables I am mapping to use int as the column type, not long.

The error is:

The 'CreatorUserId' property on 'EntUser' could not be set to a 'System.Int32' value. You must set this property to a non-null value of type 'System.Int64'.

So I understand why this is happening, my question is if it is possible to overcome this problem?

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    hikalkan created


    ABP framework assumes that UserId is always long and TenantId (if exists) always int. We can not change this behaviour. ICreationAudited interface is just a helper, you may not use it. But you may implement IHasCreationTime in either way since it has just a DateTime property.