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Domain Event handling #9971

lweng567 created

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Hi, I am trying to leverage event handler for EntityCreatedevent, but i noticed that i cannot use a domain manager to run the async method as it requires an await, for example, await _workflowManager.GetEntitySysInitStageAsync(individual.EntityTypeId); the await needs async Task in the HandleEvent. Can you please advise if i need to do something else to be able to run async methods from a domain manager, or this is by design


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    zony created
    Support Team

    Hi lweng567, I think you can use IAsyncEventHandler<T>, example:

    public class TestDomainHandler : IAsyncEventHandler<EntityCreatedEventData<User>>, ITransientDependency
        private readonly EditionManager _editionManager;
        public TestDomainHandler(EditionManager editionManager)
            _editionManager = editionManager;
        public async Task HandleEventAsync(EntityCreatedEventData<User> eventData)
            var result = await _editionManager.GetAllAsync();