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Bold Report Viewer Integration issue #9988

staffing created


  • My product version is 10.0.0
  • Product type Angular and .net core
  • framework .net 5

Bold Report Viewer Integration issue

  • I am configuring the Bold report viewer in the application and when I am trying to update my service proxy then it gives an error. Here are reference links for the bold report viewer.

Angular configuraion: WebAPI:

Swagger error:

My Investigations and issues

  1. Bold Report Viewer API is not having Async methods. So swagger is not updating the service proxies.If this is the error, could you please guide how can we achive this?
  2. How and where can I see the swagger erros? it was very hard to get the above screenshot.

Note: If I am creating a separate WebAPI project for Bold Report Viewer as mentioned in the documentation and integrating the angular components then report viewer is working fine.

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    musa.demir created
    Support Team

    Hi @staffing Can you please share the relevent part of the log.txt file. It is located in aspnet-core\src\[YOURAPPNAME].Web.Host\App_Data\Logs