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I'm not sure where to put this, but are there any future projects for Module Zero (and Asp.Net Zero) to include SAML support as core?

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Is there an easy angular hack that I'm missing to allow a abp.message.success "OK" click to have a callback?

I am looking at the abp.sweet-alert.js file and see where I could add the option of a callback there (using sweet alerts), but there isn't an easy hack outside of it except creating my own extended service.

Any ideas?


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<cite>hikalkan: </cite> Hi,

You can change mapped column name with two options:

  • You can override Id property and use a Column attribute.
  • Or you can override OnModelCreating and set column name. See: <a class="postlink" href=""></a>

These are all EF stuff.

Have a nice day.

They are and they aren't.

I have also had a bugger of a time with this.

E.g Using ABP... I have had to do things to work around the issue of not having an "Id"

public Client : Entity {
  public virtual int ClientID {get;set;} 

OnModelCreating(DBModelBuilder modelBuilder) {
  modelBuilder.Entity<Client>().Ignore(e => e.Id);

IClientRepository : DBRespositoryBase<Client>, IClientRepository {

  public virtual Client GetByID (int ClientID)
            Client client = FirstOrDefault(agent => client .ClientID == ClientID);

            if (client == null)
                throw new Exception("Client not found: " + ClientID);
            return Client;

ClientDTO : EntityDTO {
  public ClientDTO (int ClientID) {
      Id = ClientID;


I can't use the IRepository's Get statement. Can't use AutoMapper... It is very much a ABP issue for me, unless I'm doing it wrong...

Can you outline a quick to-do of what needs to be done to completely implement a table that doesn't use an Id in ABP? :D

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