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Error While Integrating DevExpress Reporting #10003

emirsec created

Hi @ismcagdas,

    We have Integreted Devexpress Reporting and Devexpress File Upload using both control but we are stuck at displaying report on frontend, data is shown on devexpress print preview.

Currently, we are using Version. Zero = 8.5 Devexpress Reporting - (Backend .net core)= 20.2.4 Devexpress Reporting - (Fronend Angular) = 18.2.4

"devexpress-reporting": "~18.2.4", "devexpress-reporting-angular": "~18.2.4", "devextreme": "20.2.4", "devextreme-angular": "20.2.4", "devextreme-aspnet-data": "^2.7.2", "devextreme-aspnet-data-nojquery": "^2.7.2",

Please find below the attachment of the error.

Thank You Danny.

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