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Hi @WirelessDynamics

Could you share a sample JSON file for one of the problematic entities ? You can find it under AspNetZeroRadTool folder.


Thanks, we have replied via email.

Please let us know id it doesn't work.


Could you share how did you set this Widget's new value on server side ? You also need to modift AddWidget method of DashboardCustomizationAppService and set this field's value.

Also, since current widget values are saved to DB, you either need to modify existing DB values or you can remove these values so new values will be saved to DB as JSON.


In that case, no other option comes to my mind. You can manually modify these classes.


We don't support IDSRV anymore and even IDSRV itself doesn't provide support. Why don't you consider moving to OpenIddict ? If there is a problem with that, we can try to guide you.


As far as I know, no. Because EF Core 2.1 and some of .NET Core 8 packages are using some common libraries and probably your app is loading different version of some of the packages and it causes runtime errors.

In many apps moving from EF Core 2.1 to 3.x developed by AspNet Zero, there shouldn't be many queries to fix. You can give it a try.

Could you share the log file with [email protected] ?

Hi @Bernard

You can take a look at customizable dashboard view. It loads widgets dynamically.


I think if you set CookieRequestCultureProvider.DefaultCookieName to something else without ".", it should work. Could you try that ?

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