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Issue with getCurrencyCode - Cannot read property currency of undefined #10296

joe704la created
  • version - 8.9.2
  • Angular
  • .NET Core

I am having issues with my Angular project. I haven't had this issue before and not sure where it is coming from all of a sudden but the angular appbuilds when I do Yarn Start just fine. But when I go to localhost:4200 in the console window I get "Cannot read property currency of undefined" error as you can see in the first image. I am hoping if I can figure out the currency issue maybe the second bug will go away as well.

I then went and commented out the provider for getCurrencyCode to see if that helped, which it appeared to get rid of that error. But I got a different error instead and I am thinking I caused this second issue from commenting the currency code out, but I am not entirely sure.

The error I am thinking maybe started after I commented out the currency code is "Cannot read property blobToText of undefined. Which you can see in the last image

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    joe704la created

    Any ideas on this?

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @joe704la

    As I remember, this happens when you disable ivy. Could you enable it and try again ?


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    joe704la created

    Thank you, that worked.