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Single Sign on #10347

epicadmin created


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We are trying to enable a Single Sign on (SSO) for our application but hit a roadblock. The requirement is the application should work using windows authentication only, if the user is already authenticated/logged into a computer then the application should auto login without requesting user to keyin credentials again. We were able to enable AD(LDAP) authentication in the framework, but it displays the login popup and user need to keyin the credentials to login. Once logged in it work without requesting for the credentials until user clears the browser cache.

Any inputs/suggestions to solve this using configuration/code chage would be greatly appreciated.

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @epicadmin

    I haven't tried this before but Microsoft has an official document about it. You can check it out

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    enio created

    Hi epicadmin,

    have you been successful in setting up windows authentication? Unfortunately it seems that aspnetzero indeed ignores this important business scenario. I haven't found any useful documentation about that.

    If you were successful I would be very happy if you could write down some words about what you have done.

    Kind regards, marco