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EntityFrameWork Extentions Trial #10457

QuickApp created

While trying to use BulkInsert methods I get the following error.

ERROR_005: The monthly trial period is expired. You can extend your trial by downloading the latest version at the beginning of every month. More information can be found here:

It looks like you have been providing us a trial library in solution. What is the solution to this situation? Or am I doing something wrong to use BulkInsert

Here is my code; private void EntityBulkCopyQAppViewFieldLayout(IEnumerable<QAppViewFieldLayout> sourceAppViewFieldLayouts) { Z.EntityFramework.Extensions.EntityFrameworkManager.ContextFactory = DbContext => DbContext;

        var targetDtos = sourceAppViewFieldLayouts.Select(e => ObjectMapper.Map&lt;CreateOrEditQAppViewFieldLayoutDto&gt;(e)).ToList();

        targetDtos.ForEach(e => e.QAppViewId = (int)_IdCatalog[typeof(QAppView)][e.QAppViewId]);
        targetDtos.Where(e => e.QAppFieldId > 0)
             .ForEach(e => e.QAppFieldId = (int)_IdCatalog[typeof(QAppField)][e.QAppFieldId]);
        targetDtos.ForEach(e => e.Id = null);

        var targetEntities = targetDtos.Select(e => ObjectMapper.Map&lt;QAppViewFieldLayout&gt;(e)).ToList();


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