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Getting data from cache while fetch records using repository #10463

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Hello Team, Currently we are facing very strange issue. While we are fetch records using GetAll method of repository, we are getting error "An internal error occured during your request!". On background we are checking the root cause and found that there are few reocrds which are not available in database table but while using GetAll method of repository we are getting those records. Now while trying to fetch records without repository (using dbContext method) it working fine. Our Server and Database on Azure platform. We are facing this in our production so please considure this issue as high priority.

Thanks, JJ

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    Could you share your code which causes this problem (including the entity definition) and full stack trace of the exception ? Repositories directly uses DbContext to query items. I couldn't think of a casue without seeing the code.

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    SRTMDEV created

    Hello Team,

    There was one function which cause this issue so please close this issue for now.

    Thanks, JJ