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API Key based authentication. #10609

shridhar.mole created

I want to expose APIs to client with authentication based on API Keys. I tried working with the IdentityServerClient sample but couldn't get it much. The requirment is such that the API Keys would be not expire and can be use lifelong without refreshing or somthing like that.

If you can provide any documentation or sample that would very helpful.

  • Product version is 10.3.
  • Product type is Angular.
  • Product framework type is .net core.
  • Currently using the default theme.

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @shridhar.mole

    This is not supported out of the box but it is on the backlog, see For now, you need implement it yourself. Since we didn't work on the issue yet, unfortunately, we can't provide a guidance.