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(OnLazyLoad) eventEmitter not fired when the primeNG (p-table) is in a modal #10611

elferone created

product version: 10.5 product type: Angular product framework: .net core

(OnLazyLoad) eventEmitter not fired when the primeNG (p-table) is in a modal. The problem is general to all the modals. This did not happen before upgrading to the latest version.

Example: When we try to login as a user, the list is always empty because the event is never triggered.

The call to the API is therefore never made.

(code from src\app\shared\common\lookup\common-lookup-modal.component.html)

getRecordsIfNeeds in never triggered

Thank you for your support.

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @elferone

    When I try this with a not modified 10.5 version, it worked for me. Do you see any JavaScript error on the browser console ?

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    elferone created


    After we downloaded a clean version, it is working. A mistake happened when merging lastest versions.

    Thank you.