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Page speed in general #10618

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Hi, I've tested with google the page speed - just of the login page - and got 16 from 100 points. I'm wondering how to fasten up the speed - these where some recomendations. Any hints?

You can reduce unused JavaScript and defer loading scripts until they are needed to reduce data consumption due to network activity. More informationLCP URL

Transfer size

Possible savings /main-es2015.e9b116f....js(<myURL>.com)

1,144.8 KiB

892.2 KiB /8-es2015.f0c553f....js(<myURL>.com)

634.4 KiB

592.8 KiB /16-es2015.2b11d70….js(<myURL>.de)

834.6 KiB

560.1 KiB /scripts.f76b825....js(<myURL>.com)

216.9 KiB

105.8 KiB /1-es2015.fc5e100....js(<myURL>.com)

112.0 KiB

88.3 KiB /17-es2015.21960b5….js(<myURL>.de)

74.7 KiB

57,5 KiB

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