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What is the best method of implementing a school setup made up of classes, teachers and students? #10647

abdurrahmanp created


I am using the latest version (v10.5.0 / .NET Core and Angular).

What is the best way of implementing a school setup that is made up of a number of classes, each of which is assigned to one or more teachers, and made up of a number of students?

In a nutshell, a teacher would log in and be able to see their class/students. And if the principal logged in, they would see a list of classes and students.

I am just wondering if these features are already built in, and can be configured using Power Tools, for example, or whether it will require custom code.

Many thanks

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @abdurrahmanp

    You can define Roles in your app for teacher, student and principal. Then, you can allow each role to specific pages, for example;

    • You can allow principal role to see the student and teacher list pages
    • You can allow teacher role to see the student list page
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    abdurrahmanp created

    Thanks @ismcagdas.

    In terms of using Power Tools to set up the relationships, would creating Master-Detail tables for Class-Students make sense when there is a possibility of a student being assigned to a different class in the future?

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    musa.demir created
    Support Team

    Master Detail page generates one-to-many relationship. I think what you need is many-to-many relationship. That's why, you may need to create both student and class entities then StudentClass entity.

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    abdurrahmanp created

    Thanks @musa.demir. I appreciate your suggestion. I'll give it a try.

    And many thanks to the team for a great product!