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Issue resolving font paths in "common-styles.min.css" #10673

AlexOulapour created


  • What is your product version? 10.5
  • What is your product type? MVC
  • What is product framework type? .net core

I have deployed my first test version of our application to our Internal Staging for testing. When deployed, font from are not resolved. It is looking a level above where the files are placed.

Our app is hosted on IIS in a directory. It has been published using this process:

The URL of our test version is structured like "https://Domain/FolderName/".

I have tried adding "@(ApplicationPath)Common/Styles/....." to layout files.

I run "npm run build" before publishing, as the environment is a Test environment.

The issue seems to be that paths to the font resources in “common-styles.min.css” look to be hard coded and try to resolve to the root path. Our project is in a Directory under a wesbite on IIS.

Is there a way for the update hard coded paths in the “common-styles.min.css” based on the environment it is being deployed to without having to manually change the paths in the files each time for each environment? That would be an unrealistic publish process and prone to bugs.

This is my first time using ASP Net Zero and attempting a publish. I have read the docs, tutorials, and watched the Udemy videos. It’s possible I may be missing something. If there is a variable or config setting that controls this, I may not know about it.

Thank you for any advice.

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    ismcagdas created
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    Hi @AlexOulapour

    We will help you via email.