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Add New Widget Error 404 in CustomizableDashboard #10674

tdv.yazilim created
  • V.10.5
  • MVC
  • CORE 5.0
  • Abp Framework V.6.4.0
  • Default Theme
  • Default UI Settings

My problem is html viewurl error after adding new widget in CustomizableDashboard. I did the operations like here, everything looks the same, but the widget html cannot be found. How can I fixed? Have another setting?

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @tdv.yazilim

    1. Could you share your WidgetViewDefinition for the HelloWorld widget ?
    2. Do you have a HelloWorld action in your WidgetsController ?


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    tdv.yazilim created

    Hi @ismcagdas

    Thank you for support. I add to HelloWorld action in my WidgetsController, my problem fixed