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Role editor UI does not conform with RoleManager API documentation #10703

hra created

AspNetZero 10.0.0

The XmlDoc for UserManager.CreateAsync states:

    //     Is this a static role? Static roles can not be deleted, can not change their
    //     name. They can be used programmatically.
    public virtual bool IsStatic { get; set; }

However, the user interface does not prevent the editing of the name

Note: I was able to save these changes

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    musa.demir created

    Hi @hra

    Static roles are designed to be generated in application runtime to so that we can write code based on a static role's name. It can not be deleted or renamed(you can change display name). That's why there is no UI or api endpoint to create static roles. See

    If the change you say you made is a change other than the displayname change, could you share related part of your code?

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    hra created

    Hi musa - it wasn't my code, but the admin portal. You are correct, it changed the DisplayName, not the Name.