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Unable to Install 11.0.0 rc-1 missing secrets.json #10748

outdoored created
  • 11.0.0 rc-1
  • MVC
  • NET Core 6

I am unable to install 11.0.0 rc-1. When trying to run Update-Database in the Package Manager Console I get an error:

An error occurred while accessing the Microsoft.Extensions.Hosting services. Continuing without the application service provider. Error: The configuration file 'secrets.json' was not found and is not optional. The expected physical path was 'D:\Data\Business\Git Repos\OE_Tenant_11_rc1\OE_Tenant\src\OE_Tenant.Web.Mvc\secrets.json'.

There is no such file in the downloaded Zip file and the installation instructions have not been updated to provide any guidance on how to install 11.0.0 rc-1 or what the secrets.json file does or how it is created

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @outdoored

    We will fix this problem and release rc-2 version soon. Could you comment out the section below in AppConfigurations.cs and try again ?

    if (addUserSecrets)
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    Romka created

    Let me add that you can also add a "secrets.json" file (copy-paste your appsettings.json, rename it to "secrets.json" and delete all its contents but the connectionstrings part)

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    outdoored created

    Thanks Romka. I added a new App Settings file called secrets.json it came with just a connectionstrings section so I just replaced the default connection string with the real one and the rest of the install was successful.