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is it possible to Replace the service registration for "ISettingEncryptionService" #10753

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.NET CORE + Angular v9.3.0

If issue related with ABP Framework


I have an application that I am upgrading from v6.9.1 to v9.3.0 (I know, it's a big jump. we're long overdue). I see that Settings can now be encrypted. (

With this effort, I'm finding some settings that are failing the new Setting decryption feature. However, it's just failing with the technical error and isn't identifying which setting it's failing on. Is there an easy way to identify which built-in settings are now expected to be encrypted?
I didn't see any documentation on this in the ABP or ANZ documentation, but I could have easily missed it.

If I truncate my AbpSettings table, everything works fine. However, that works for local development, and isn't feasible for a production environmen upgrade. It would be awesome to be able to identify which settings are now expected to be encrypted, so that I could write a DbMigration for this myself if one does not exist built-in.


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    sedulen created

    My apologies. I asked the question and then quickly realized I could figure this out myself.

    In AppSettingProvider, I now see "isEncrypted:true" for the External Login Providers.

    I believe I have figured this out.