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Stripe - Restart Failed/Cancelled transaction #10814

ptaylor created

Version - 10.5.0 Product type - .Net Core + Angular

Hi Team, I have enabled Stripe to purchase/subcribe to a paid Edition while creating a new tenant. When a stripe payment gets Failed(due to any reason) or Cancelled(by clicking on back button on stripe payment page), how this payment/transaction can be restarted or another transaction can be kick-started so the user can purchase the edition and tenant can be activated? I am unable to find in both documentation as well as source code where this can be done. Please guide.


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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @ptaylor

    This is not possible at the moment but if you can create an issue on, we can include this into 11.2 version.

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    ptaylor created

    Thanks @ismcagdas for the quick response. I have created an issue here.

    One last thing to confirm. As of now, I have to keep on creating a new tenant until and unless the Stripe transaction is successful. Each failed transaction will create a new tenant which is of no use and needs to be deleted by Host user.