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Upgrade from ANZ version 8.6.0 to 11.0.0 #10864

SRTMDEV created

Hello Team,

Currently our project has been developed on ANZ 8.6.0 version platform and we want to upgrade ANZ platorm to latest 11.0.0 version. On our initial analyzing, we have seen that there are many break changes has been done in platform so we can't simply upgrade platform to latest version. Can you guide us how we can upgrade our project to latest ANZ platform (we have around 250+ pages) in less time or how we can upgrade our project to .NET 6.0 and Angular 13 version.

Thanks, SS

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team


    We suggest you to follow for upgrading to latest version. I think you will not have many problems on the server side.

    On the client side, we have upgraded to Metronic 8 and Bootstrap 5. There are several HTML structure changes. I think you need to manually convert your HTML pages to latest structure. As far as I remember, the major item is checkbox and radio buttons.