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Adding top menu in selected pages #10865

moonch created

Product: Asp Zero ( Core + Jquery ) MVC, Multi Page, .NET 6.

Dear Support. I have a requirement in some pages of the application to include top navigation menu , where a user can navigate to other pages by clicking on links, please attached image. the ideal location is above the page abp-page-subheader, it will always be horizantal regardless of the theme selected in the visual settings, the items will need authorization permissions check similar to the main side menu items.

Looking at the three layer of which a view is constructed.

1- the Page View. 2- theme: _Layout : Default or any of the 12themes. 3- _Layout.cshtml in Layout folder

Please advise where to introuce this. if in layer 2 then do i need to configure new 13 layouts, or if just in layer (1) the page view. Please share code example if this was done in previos projects.

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @moonch

    It is better to add this to specific theme layouts, so it is option 2. Metronic already has such a menu for some themes, you can check its html structure here