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Legacy Metronic Classes Appear to Still Be Referenced #11121

rickfrankel created


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I've noticed that during my upgrade from version 10 to 11.2 that many of the font setting classes have not been upgraded in the template.

For example.

This file still uses font-weight-bolder and font-size-h6

However I don't believe these classes exist any more. They look to be either fw-bolder and fs-6 (or perhaps just h6).

This appears across a large number of files.

Has this been missed during the upgrade to Metronic 8? Or am I missing something.

It also impacts the ThemeCustomizers for the subheader menu component.


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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @rickfrankel

    It seems like these are missed during the update by our team. Could you create an issue on ? We will fix those usages.

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    rickfrankel created


    Thanks Rick