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DateTimePicker missing from 11.2? #11140

marble68 created


MVC Core Jquery 11.2

Downloaded fresh project, did yarn / create bundles, used rad tool to create simple entity with a name and a datetime.

The resulting index.js throws a jquery error for .datetimepicker.

The datetimepicker library is not in the default bundles.

Should it be, or is a different library meant to be used?

If it should be, I'll can just add it - but before doing so I wanted to double check just in case.

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    marble68 created

    In 11.0 - in bundles, there is:


    this is not in the 11.2 bundles.

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    marble68 created

    Ah - I see - replaced with daterangepicker.

    However, the templates in the rad tool apparently haven't been updated.

    Is this correct?

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    marble68 created

    Yes, this is the case.

    One side effect of this the filter's always prepopulate with the date the page is rendered, excluding any results with a date time property from the results.

    First view is always "today".

    What needs to happen is they're only used as a filter if they're set.

    This is a very bad user experience to have these set and used automatically.

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @marble68

    We will release a new version for Power Tools, please follow