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On Production Application was not able to start #11174

kansoftware created


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  • What is your product version? 8.1
  • What is your product type (Angular or MVC)? MVC
  • What is product framework type (.net framework or .net core)? .net core 3.1

If issue

The application stop responding on production instance and once we restarted the application pool application didn't start and we tried to restart IIS even we tried after rebooting the server But application didn't start. Finally when we stopped the traffic and then waited till the application to start post blocking the traffic. application started.

Please help handling this kind of benaviour of application so we can take care at the time of issues like this

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @kansoftware

    This might be caused by many reasons. If you can share the app logs, we can take a look and try to suggest you a solution if this is caused by teh app. If the logs contain private information, you can share the logs with [email protected]

    You can also try to check network logs. Your app might be attacked as well.