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Pages with Permission list take over 3-5mins to load (12,000 Permissions involved) #11183

ayoyusuf created


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I have a large application with alot of Menus hence a lot of permissions.

Everything loads fast and works fine except any page with Permissions (e.g. Users -> Edit or Roles-> Edit ). These permission pages take about 3-5 mins to load. On some browsers, it makes the browsers start prompting if to wait or exit.

Is there a way to implement Auto scroll or Pagination for the Permissions if the number of Permissions is the problem. (There are about 12,000 Permissions in ALL for the entire app)

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @ayoyusuf

    You can follow two approaches here.

    1. If the root item count is not much, you can load the root items first and when an item is clicked, you can load its child items.
    2. If the root item count is high, you can use a datatable instead of a tree but this option is not a good solution.
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    ayoyusuf created

    Hi, Thanks for the Feedback.

    We do think option one would be a much better option.

    Do you have any sample code that can be re-used or modified for this suggested methodology?

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team


    For the UI part, you can use For server side, I think it is better to create a new app service method in OrganizationUnitAppService to load child of a given OU item. For the first request, you can send the parent node as null to load root items.