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Sub items from menu doesn't shows correctly #11194

daniela.buttner created


  • 11.2.1
  • MVC
  • .net core

If issue related with ABP Framework

  • 7.3

If issue is about UI

  • Default

Hi the sub items from the menu doesn't shows correctly when the menu is minimized. In your demo it this effekt also, minimize the menu that you can see only the icons and the click on the administration icon. Shortly there are open the sub items but then are close automatically.

And the Quick Nav Bar shows not fine.


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    rickfrankel created

    Hi Daniela,

    There are a number of existing tickets with the sub menu. Check these threads out't-Track-Active-Menu-Item-When-2-Levels-Deep

    Also check the github issues as there are fixes mentioned there. Not sure if they are your specific issue.


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    daniela.buttner created


    that's nice your links but we don't use angular, we are using MVC. And in MVC is the structure others. And when I read right, then is the problem in your links not the same. In my project works the menu fine when is expand, it doesn't work when the menu is collapse and then I while click on a item whit sub items. And you can replicate this bug, on your own demo project (I wrote this info in my first statement).


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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @daniela.buttner

    This only happens when you minimize the menu, right ? I will create an issue accordingly.


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    daniela.buttner created

    Yes thanks

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    m.aliozkaya created
    Support Team

    Thanks a lot @daniela.buttner for sharing the problem. I have created an issue about this.