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How to configure to use Worker Service (Windows Service) with ASPZERO #11213

adamphones created

in .net 6 there is a new template as Worker Service that can be used to create Windows Services.

I followed the to convert the Worker Service to Window Service.

Now I would like to migrate some of ASP ZERO background jobs( which runs in Application Pool) into Windows Service. In order to do that as ASP Boiler plate is moduler I have created a similar Module class in the project.

My question is how to combine those existing configurations with existing template so it would work best.

Where using (var bootstrapper = AbpBootstrapper.Create<MyModule>()) should go in the process?


    IHost host = Host.CreateDefaultBuilder(args)
         .UseWindowsService(options =>
             options.ServiceName = ".NET Joke Service";
        .ConfigureServices(services =>

    await host.RunAsync(); 

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