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Use PrimeNG Timeline on MVC framework #11238

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  • Product version: 11.3.0
  • Product type (Angular or MVC): MVC
  • Product framework type (.net framework or .net core): .NET Core

Hi, I was looking for a timeline control to use in a project and I found PrimeNG which has this control: But I don't know how to use this control (PrimeNG) in project with Product type of MVC.

Please guide me any steps to use this control.

Thank you!

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    ismcagdas created
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    I'm not sure how to use this in MVC project. Instead of using this, I suggest you to use a jQuery based plugin, see

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    Hi Ismcagdas,

    Thank you for strong support!

    We found a suitable timeline library.

    So we found a log from Change Logs with content "Upgraded to PrimeNG 13.0.4", we wanted to learn more about it how to use PrimeNG library on MVC project. After researching, I think PrimeNG only supports Angular.

    Or we have to use the method as below to use TypeScript libraries for MVC, but we haven't tested it:

    Thank you!