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Tooltips Look To Be Broken in 11.4 #11350

rickfrankel created


Just starting the process of upgrading my project to 11.4

Found that tooltips don't appear to be working correctly.

Went to a vanilla download of my project and you can see the behaviour on the features modal for a tenant.

See attached animated gif

I've also noticed it doesn't work well on the new notifications inbox when hovering over the notification severity icon.

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    rickfrankel created

    Looks to be a change from using the tooltip attribute to the title attribute and using a data-bs-toggle.

    I've modified my copy of notifications and the tenant-features-modal-component to fix it in my local issue.

    I've noticed it's also used in create-or-edit-user modal. Edit user permissions Dynamic form fields

    Looks to be a bunch of things missing from an update.

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @rickfrankel

    Thanks, we will fix this and release a new version (11.4.1), please follow