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Disable tenant filter for repository where entity is a host only entity, but tenant has entity with FK relationship #11353

marble68 created

V11 MVC Core JQuery

I have a host entity (HostEntity) with specific values for the tenants.

For the tenants, I have another entity (TenantEntity) when a FK to the host entity

When the app service, GetAll(), when the query includes HostEntityFK. The purpose is to get the name of the HostEntity for the view model.

However, if I disable the MayHaveTenant filter, I get all TenantEntities.

How can I disable the filter for the hostentityrepository in the IQueryable? Is this possible?

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @marble68

    Is it possible to share the entity definitions and your code for this query ?