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jtallon created

Hi Team,

We are about to kick start a major upgrade of a project which is using the older ASPNETZERO Package to the latest version which supports .NET 6, but with .NET 7 released the team is curious how soon a version of ASPNETZERO is planned which is based on .NET 7.

Can you give us a concrete idea about the estimated timeline, I can see ABP is already working on a .NET 7 RC version which is good for other project where we are using ABP but need a clarity on this project as well.

Regards, Ali Storm

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @jtallon

    I assume it will take 4 weeks for us to release the 12.0 RC.1 version which will support .NET 7.

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    AndrewT created

    Hello @ismcagdas - We are also about to migrate a project from aspnetzero 9,0 to latest version, is there a .net7 preview version (v12.0?) that we should maybe use rather than going to v11.4?

    If we went to v11.4 do you expect that it will be a big jump from that to v12?