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possibility of integrating .razor components to .core + angular #11575

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best4bps created


we have a WebApplication that uses a third party library called syncfusion which builts upon .razor components using model view controller architecture. Is it possible to integrate these .razor files into .NET Core + Angular and somehow make them work? Or do you have to rebuild the code part in the backend and the fronent part using typescript?

If not would it be possible to include iFrame to display our solution on top of .net zero solution?

We are facing the problem that we already have developed a WebApplication using the mentioned above tools and don't want to start completely from the ground up. But we would still like to use zero and include features such as backoffice and user/role management.

Thanks in advance!

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @best4bps

    I think using iframe is not a good option here. But, you can create a ASP.NET Core MVC app and use both your Angular app and razor pages in this app.

    In order to host your angular app in your ASP.NET Core app, you can write a custom middleware and redirect to index.html for not found URLs. To see a sample code for this, jsut download a merged ASP.NET Core & Angular solution and then check Startup.cs of the Host project.