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An argument for 'maxResultCount' was not provided. #11606

muhittincelik created


I have a fresh copy of 12.2.0

I ran project. And ran refresh.bat under nswag folder to refresh services. Whe i start angular application i got the following error.**

× Failed to compile. √ Browser application bundle generation complete.

Initial Chunk Files | Names | Raw Size runtime.js | runtime | 12.64 kB |

1257 unchanged chunks

Build at: 2023-06-03T22:35:20.555Z - Hash: 3feeafa21a119a8a - Time: 1680ms

Error: src/app/shared/layout/chat/chat-bar.component.ts:336:14 - error TS2554: Expected 4 arguments, but got 3.

336 .getUserChatMessages(user.friendTenantId ? user.friendTenantId : undefined, user.friendUserId, minMessageId) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

src/shared/service-proxies/service-proxies.ts:1574:117 1574 getUserChatMessages(tenantId: number | undefined, userId: number | undefined, minMessageId: number | undefined, maxResultCount: number | undefined): Observable<ListResultDtoOfChatMessageDto> {

An argument for 'maxResultCount' was not provided.

× Failed to compile.

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @muhittincelik

    Thanks, we will check this and inform you.

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    m.aliozkaya created
    Support Team

    Hi @muhittincelik,

    I created an issue about it. You can follow the process here