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ApplicationService Question! #1450

korigoth created


I didn't know how to do SEO with SPA so I'm migrating the website that I've made with ABP SPA to ABP MPA. If anyone did SEO with ABP SPA, I 'd be sincerely grateful for some help! ;)

But here is the question for the ApplicationService. Like I said it was a SPA website, so all my logic is in ApplicationServices.

Can I use Application layer like I was using it with AJAX request? Because i think that all the filters that are configured will be useless by directly calling the application service if i'm not mistaken?

I will need IPermissionChecker and IAbpSession and implement my logic in each controller action ? Or do I lack knowledge about ABP and MVC Controller?


EDIT: Apparently, the AbpAuthorize filter is called when I Injected the IMyService in MVC Controller then using it in my childaction. How can it be called if I directly use the method and it's not called by ABP?

like _myService.Execute() in MVC is firing the AbpAuthorize! am I right?

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team


    You are right. By the way, you can use [AbpMvcAuthorize] for MVC controllers and actions.