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I Could NOT see the dashboard or administration menu #198

sam_zhou created

Dear Hikalkan,

I Believe ABP and ABP Zero are great Framework for our developers. Thanks a lot.

The samples download from Github or the projects created by your Web site, they are run well with the guide you offered. But I have a question, I Could NOT find the dashboard or administration menu, which you mentioned in Zero document. I have read the source code several times, there are not the related code in the sample project which got from Github:

Could you please send a sample project which include the code (View/Controller/Model)? Thanks.

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team


    Maybe you misunderstood what ASP.NET Iteration Zero is? See this topic: #98

    ABP and module-zero is free and open source. But ASP.NET Zero (<a class="postlink" href=""></a>) is a different and commerical product based on these open source frameworks. You can create a similar UI using ABP framework and 'module-zero' module. But if you want to save time and to have an administration UI with a good theme, you can consider to buy ASP.NET Zero.