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Project ABP, Module Zero and ASP.NET Zero #98

daws created

Hello hikalkan,

As a current & happy user of ABP(from v0.3) & currently trying Module Zero(with Oracle DB), I saw the new project **ASP.NET Zero**yesterday.

I'm wondering if you could explain briefly to the community what's the future of **_

  • ABP
  • Module Zero
  • ASP.NET Zero_** I read website & tested ASP.NET Iteration Zero live demo; it sounds promising but since it's the 1st release, it's still a little confuse in my head.

I've few interrogations :

  • for what I understand, ASP.NET Zero is going to be a full project, merging **ABP**& Module Zero; with all management modules direclty included ?
  • Is **ABP**project (core code) will still live as currently on the github ?
  • what's the future of Module Zero (core code); will it continue independtly like **ABP**project or will it be depending of ASP.NET Iteration Zero ? I think if you can do a short resume of ASP.NET Zero to us, we could have a better understanding to plan our current projects and decide if it could interest us for some future projects :)

Thanks for your awesome work !

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team


    Thanks for this great question. I was waiting for it :) I'll explain it as clear as I can.

    1. ABP is the open source framework and it will ALWAYS be open source and will be maintained, added new features and so on as current status. This framework is general-purpose, evenyone can use it to build web applications.

    2. Module Zero also will be always open source. This project contains DOMAIN LAYER for a web application that uses authentication, authorization, setting management and so on... Actually, it is basic implementation of ABP's abstract concepts.

    3. So.. why I built ASP.NET Zero. While ABP and module-zero does good job, you still need to create User Interface, because it's not responsibility of these projects. But, creating UI also a time-consiuming job. So, I decided to create an APPLICATION LAYER and PRESENTATION LAYER for these projects. I decided to make it commerical (not free) for some reasons: a. It's UI is based on metronic, which is not free. So, I can not make it free at all. b. A UI is not as generic as ABP framework and module-zero. Different users will be completely different needs. We can not make everyone happy. Also, I think application layer and UI are not part of a framework, they are the application itself. So, I think it's proper to sell an application (like you will create an application using ABP and sell it to some customers :)) c. I want to earn money from ASP.NET Zero project, so I can spend more time to develop ABP and module-zero. This project will help ABP's growth.

    ASP.NET Zero does not include ABP or module-zero, it just uses they as your applications does. Actually, ASP.NET Zero is a template-like startup project. If you buy it, you will save maybe a few months of development time to create user, role, tenant management pages and so on. Also, if you buy it, you get all source codes. You can change it freely to build your application.

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    rashed created

    Thank you for Great work.

    you mentioned in prices pages different packages for more than one product, what are these products?

    also is it final prices ? if so, I think it's a little bit high :oops: .

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team


    One product means that you can create one product using ASP.NET Zero. If you have two different products based on ASP.NET Zero (say, a CRM project and a Hospital Information Managament System product) then you should buy Enterprise license which allows up to 5 products (Or ultimate license for unlimited products).

    Current prices are promotional. It will be higher (maybe after 1 or 2 months). I think it's reasonable for the following reasons;

    1. If a company want to build same thing, it's cost will be 10 times more at least. I don't include ABP open source project into this cost, just ASP.NET Zero part.
    2. License price includes one-year upgrade and support. If it would be cheaper, I can not spend time for support.
    3. Yes, there are bigger products, say MS Office, cheaper than ASP.NET Zero. But they sell too many copies worldwide. So, copy count is very important here. If I could sell 1,000 licenses per month, it's price would be $50, but not :)

    Also, these license prices will be a support to ABP open source project. I will spend more time to improve these open source projects.

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    rashed created

    Thanks for reply.

    So do you have a roadmap for the product ? or you are planning to add more zero modules like simple file manager , logging viewer, navigation manager ,... ?

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team


    I've a long term road map which contains many fetures. But, for near future:

    • LDAP (Active Directory) Login (and probably synchronization).
    • Facebook, Gmail, Twitter... logins.
    • Hierarchical departmant-user structure (like organization units in AD).
    • Viewing & exporting audit logs, downloading site logs.

    Beside these features, Package/Edition system for multi-tenancy, file manager, menu manager, notification system and many more feature are on the list. They will be developed based on sales in long-term.