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Can provide a complete example of function? #206

liaofeng created

hello, I saw the two examples you provided,I think ,it is still relatively simple, but also can not be fully reflected in the ABP framework to reflect the integrity of the full. This will also put a lot of beginners out,because some beginners, when the beginning of the use of how to use, and then gradually used in the project,however, the sample provided for beginners is relatively simple. I hope you can think about it,Thank you !

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    hikalkan created


    I think you mention about SimpleTaskSystem and Question&Answer samples. Yes, they are simple but I think they cover fundamental functionalities of the framework. I believe sample projects, acticles and documentations good enough to start with ABP. Many frameworks have not such a good and compherensive documentation. Actually, I first prepared a real application ( but it's out-dated now. I think to upgrade it. But there are also things to do, like documentation and waiting features and improvements.

    I will try to make my best. Thank you.

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    gvb created

    I must agree on somepart I'm a begginner afterall i will get my first year as a Programmer soon (missing 1 month) A real app showing some underground part could be helpfull amd could make more user looking toward ABP.

    It has been hard to understand at the beggining and still it's pretty hard on some point, but he's doing a great job from where i started ABP until today ;) ( sometime i'm hard against it .... but this guys is doing so much work on top of his job...)

    When i started ABP there was no Forum, it was harder to understand thing but now with the forum you ask question to other to know how to do what you need. Sometime it's not related to ABP directly but a simple question can make a clear path where to search!

    And we are always asking for more... he can't do everything for everyone!

    its my 2cents :) I wish you the best of luck to learn ABP, its a pretty good ASP.Net Framework!

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    hikalkan created

    I'm spending a huge time on ABP and will try to spend more. Thank you very much :)