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permission in Tenant Side #2147

razieh69 created

hi, i write this code to create permissions in tenant side:

var BaseInfo = context.GetPermissionOrNull(PermissionNames.BaseInfo);
            var Documents = context.GetPermissionOrNull(PermissionNames.Documents);
            var Reports = context.GetPermissionOrNull(PermissionNames.Reports);
            if (BaseInfo == null)
                BaseInfo = context.CreatePermission(PermissionNames.BaseInfo, L("BaseInfo"));

            if (Documents == null)
                Documents = context.CreatePermission(PermissionNames.Documents, L("Documents"));

            if (Reports == null)
                Reports = context.CreatePermission(PermissionNames.Reports, L("Reports"));

           var Documents_NormalDocuments = Documents.CreateChildPermission(PermissionNames.Documents_NormalDocuments, L("NormalDocuments"), multiTenancySides: MultiTenancySides.Tenant);

i create a child permission in host side with no error, but when i create a child permission in tenant side, i get 500 internal server error in browser console (javascript error: <a class="postlink" href="http://localhost/Accounting/AbpScripts/GetScripts?v=636177502537502113">http://localhost/Accounting/AbpScripts/ ... 2537502113</a> ) and my app dosent work correctly.

please help me.

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team


    There must be a detailed error message in Logs.txt file under your web project. Can you also share that message if you canfind it ?