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Generate BoilerPlate Framework offline #246

paulo.junior94 created

There is any way to generate ASP.NET Boilerplate Framework offline, something kind a plugin for visual studio ?

Thank you so much for help !!

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    daws created

    What do you mean by "generate ASP.NET Boilerplate Framework offline" ?

    ABP Framework sources are on gitHub and compiled version of Framework is available by nuget packages.

    If you mean the default startup project, there is no (yet) generator in VisualStudio. Starting your new app could be easy made downloading an empty structure here of ABP from here <a class="postlink" href=""></a>

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    paulo.junior94 created

    You answered my question daws, I mean any way to create the default project, and you answered it ! I found a plugin on the web but it didn't work properly, I believe it owns other framework.

    Thank you so much !