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Audit Info log entry spamming log file #2563

sparkyjr created

Our solution is built using ASPNetZero and our web app is hosted on Azure. The log files in Azure are getting inundated with the following entry (approx. every 2 mins)

WARN XXX... Abp.Auditing.WebAuditInfoProvider - Could not obtain web parameters for audit info. WARN XXX... Abp.Auditing.WebAuditInfoProvider - System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (0x80004005): No such host is known at System.Net.Dns.GetAddrInfo(String name) at System.Net.Dns.InternalGetHostByName(String hostName, Boolean includeIPv6) at System.Net.Dns.GetHostAddresses(String hostNameOrAddress) at Abp.Auditing.WebAuditInfoProvider.GetClientIpAddress(HttpContext httpContext) at Abp.Auditing.WebAuditInfoProvider.Fill(AuditInfo auditInfo)

Tried following the solution described at <a class="postlink" href=""> ... issues/467</a> but could not find the relevant libraries in the ASPNet Zero solution. We are currently on version 1.9.0 (Package version Is there a way we can selectively disable this log entry? Any other alternate solutions possible?

Thanks. SJ

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team


    In order to use that solution you need to upgrade your project to ABP 0.9.0.

    Or you can try to create a new class which implements IAuditInfoProvider and register that class to dependency injection. You need to call IsDefault to replace default implementation with yours.

    For example: