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service-proxies.ts file not updating after new changes #2827

swapsword created

Hello Developers,

We are using boilerplate (ASP.NET Core 1.x with Angular 2(SPA) project), which one is release recently.

Problem we are facing:

  • New services created/updated in ASP.NET boilerplate (angular-core) is not updating the service-proxies.ts file inside(angular folder of project). Looked everywhere and also inside the document but unable to find about it.

So, can you please share some document or link for creating the new service inside boilerplate framework for angular 2? We are stuck here from last 2 days and unable to solve this problem.

Note: I am sure that service-proxies.ts file is created and updated by boilerplate.

Best Regards, Swapnil Pathak

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team


    Sorry, we forgot to mention it in documentation. There is a bat file here <a class="postlink" href=""> ... ular/nswag</a>. When you run it, it refreshes service proxies.


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    swapsword created

    Hello Developers,

    services-proxies.ts file is updated after running refresh.bat file in command prompt.

    Thank you! :D