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Is anyone using SendGrid emails successfully? #4661

mitch created

I've been trying to get ASP.NET Zero working with SendGrid but it's not working. I'm using ASP Core and hosting on Azure. A guy posted on here that he'd got SendGrid working 3 years ago but I've followed his advice and it's still not working. Has anyone got any examples of successfully working code for Sendgrid?

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    alper created

    I am not familiar with SendGrid but it has a WebAPI so theoretically you could create a consumer client for the WebAPI and make the relevant requests. Just try to create an empty console application apart from Asp.Net Zero, and try to communicate with SendGrid.. If you succeed in that move that code to Asp.Net Zero environment. Solving things in small environment is better and less time consuming.

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    davidharrison created

    Hi Mitch,

    I realise this post is 10 months old but in case you're still stuck with SendGrid or for other readers, I've got a working SendGrid configuration in .Net Zero and my solution is also hosted in Azure and SendGrid works from Production as well as in Dev.

    On the Email(SMTP) tab under admin -> settings, I have it configured as follows:

    • Default from (sender) email address: Set to address of choice
    • Default from (sender) display name: Set to address of choice
    • SMTP host:
    • SMTP port: 587
    • Use SSL: unchecked
    • Use default credentials: unchecked
    • Domain name:
    • User name: Your SendGrid Username
    • Password: Your SendGrid Password

    Hope this helps :)